Gereedschapmaken en machinale bewerkingen.
Voor Industrie, professional, sport en particulier.
Aanmaak van proto, nieuwe enkel en serie delen.
Reparatie van bestaande delen.
Wapen reparatie en onderhoud.
Technisch advies.



Tool making and machining.
For Industry, professional, sports and private.
Creation of proto, new single and series parts.
Repair of existing parts.
Armory service and gunsmithing.
Technical advice.



Werkzeugbau und -bearbeitung für Industrie, 
Gewerbe, Sport und Privat.
Herstellung von Prototypen, neuen Einzel- und Serienteilen.
Reparatur bestehender Teile.
Reparatur und Wartung von Waffen.
Technische Beratung.

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  • turning1
  • turning2
  • turning3


One of the most used treatments is turning.

We have two high precision lathes from the good old  days in our machineshop. 

Both completely reconditioned to original tolerances and updated to modern standarts.

On both we can cut everey imaginable thread and turn diameters from 0,5mm up to 330mm and lengths up to 850mm.

  • milling1
  • milling2
  • milling3


Milling is also generaly used in combination with turning and grinding.

Here are flexibility and accuracy of the millingmachine also very important.

Same go's here,  as with turning, as we like to work with machinery from the era that produced stable and accurate machinery.  

  • grinding1
  • grinding2
  • grinding3


To complete the other treatments like turning and milling, we can also provide grinding.

Geometricly flat, profile and circular grinding  can be part of the treatments.

Also free-hand beltgrinding and polishing can be added with complex shaped items.

  • toolmaking1
  • toolmaking2
  • toolmaking3

Toolmaking, Finishing,

Armory & Gunsmithing

Where all jobs come together, is when parts are completed at the mechanical treatments.

They now have to be deburred, finished and fitted together.

The succesfully mounting of parts and accessories or fitting of new machined parts, benefit from our broad experiance as a toolmaker for all kind of industries for over 30 years.